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“We knew we wanted to have four kids,” Cora explains, “She didn’t want to wait, and she got pregnant quickly. It would be easier to raise two young babies together, almost as twins.

Jennifer could breastfeed for me when I was on the road.” Theory clashed with reality, however, when Cora returned to work — a time in her life she calls “excruciating” — and handing Nash off to nurse proved harder than she ever imagined.

“As a same-sex couple, we had to go back and legally adopt them,” she points out.

“Even though Nash was her biological son, Jennifer had to adopt him.

The “shots and shifting hormones” of IVF proved challenging for both women, and Cora reveals she even suffered a miscarriage along the way. I cried for a week.” Starting over from scratch “was devastating” and “traumatizing,” but Cora says it ultimately gave her a perspective she wouldn’t have otherwise had.

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