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Whether you drive a street car or all out race vehicle, you have many vital decisions that must be made about your engine combination.

Camshaft specifications, valve spring pressures and compression ratio all play a vital role in perfecting the peak power output and overall power band of your performance engine.

Defra has worked with the Environment Agency to develop a new and additional level of certification through the MCERTS scheme.

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Winter conditions can change very quickly so caution is still advised when traveling.

Being able to demonstrate the representativeness of the testing is an essential requirement of the EU Commission’s Guide to Demonstration of Equivalence.

The table below summarises the status of particulate matter methods for use in the UK in terms of which have been approved by Defra as equivalent for use in the UK.

This certification is called "MCERTS for UK Particulate Matter" and its requirements are set out in an Annex to the Continuous Ambient Measurement Systems (CAMS) performance standard, available for download.

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