Cacee cobb donald faison still dating

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actor and his 37-year-old partner recently became parents to a little girl named Wilder.

The couple, who already have one-year-old son Rocco together, announced the arrival of their new baby on Twitter.

"Yesterday @caceecobb and I welcomed the most amazing little boy into our lives!

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Now she’s dating a second-rate rapper (French Montana), while her older sister is married to Kanye West. Khloe makes her sister look good, but not by being an available sounding board — she makes Kim look good by making worse choices, which would seem difficult considering that Kim skyrocketed to fame after a sex tape she made with Ray J surfaced. He was moderately famous before world, where the celebrity-best-friend role is fulfilled by committee, he’s doing a great job.

But Khloe is second to her sister because she’s not just an iteration of the reality TV second-banana archetype — she’s actually an iteration of Kim. Recently, on the show, he was accused of leaking information about Kourtney and Scott Disick to the press.

Finally, she had someone to set her up to deliver punch lines and someone who didn’t know any better. It was a new side of Jessica — though, ultimately, Ca Cee was the real revelation. LC’s relationships with Audrina and Heidi were failing, and it seemed like she was constantly pouting, if not crying.

So the show introduced a character to rehabilitate LC’s image.

She sets him up by declaring, “At the beginning of our marriage, you were so eager to open the door for me.” Without missing a beat, he delivers the punch line: “At the beginning of our marriage, I got laid.” A happy-go-lucky jingle immediately starts playing, and we see a wide shot of Nick and Jessica’s house. Thanks to her marriage to Donald Faison, Cobb’s name has remained in tabloid magazines and on celebrity websites over the past decade.

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