Brad pitt thandie newton dating

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The Lucky Girls Who Dated Brad Pitt Brad Pitt, born William Bradley "Brad" Pitt, is an American actor and producer.After he got a role in Cutting Class He met actress Jill Schoelen on set and they two briefly dated. Perhaps the title should have been, Too Young for California Law as Pitt had a lengthy relationship with the then 16 year old Lewis whom he also starred with in Kalifornia.Brad Pitt is currently filed for divorce from Angelina Jolie .

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Not to forget, it gave Newton the much-needed career boost, and it definitely showed!

"We met through mutual friends in London, which is crazy because we both live in L.

Nothing happened between Brad and Ange during filming, apparently, but Brad did say later on that it was during this time that he and Ange fell in love.

In January 2005, Brad and Jen announced that they were getting divorced.

Fan of a palm leaf Sinitta dated Brad during her heady pop star days and he even attended the 1988 Smash Hits Poll Winners Party with Juliette. I was in my high-school years and it was a wonderful, loving relationship with a fun, smart guy.

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