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The question above clearly stated that the man was normal-looking. No, I stated that the man is honest, up-front, and not leading her on.

In short, he wants to take you out and treat you like a lady, and we’re okay with that.

Love knows no age; if you are on a date with the right person, conversation will flow, stories will present themselves, and you will be eager to learn more about this fascinating person in front of you.

So what you’re saying is an extremely inaccurate overgeneralization.

I agree there are some younger women gold diggers out there, and some creepy older guys who can’t get laid unless they drop hundreds of dollars on women, but that’s not the scenario I’ve had, and the same could be said about most of the older men who read this blog.

Age should never dictate that someone relegate themselves to the house to watch black and white films on AMC.

Blogs on dating older men

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