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After the user taps and holds the shutter button to lock the exposure and focus, they can either tap a second time to release the shutter or simply release the shutter once the finger is lifted off the button.

As for the quality, Pure Shot offers three choices: Hi-Quality JPEG, often best for everyday shooting.

What gives Pure Shot its uniqueness is the added function of a 3-shot bracket, which enables the user to select two additional points of exposure in order to shoot three differently exposed images that can later be combined into a single High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo.

While considered to be the best available image quality option, the files do take up a larger amount of space on the i Phone.

Also, seeing as a serious i Phoneographer will most likely be editing the photo afterwards, it is important to note that while an abundance of editing applications exist in the App Store, not all of them work with TIFF files.

Whether there is a noticeable difference to the naked eye between “compressed” and “uncompressed” images is a moot point.

Serious i Phoneographers will naturally be inclined towards using an alternative camera app that minimizes the quality degradation of their photos.

Pro Camera 7 contains all the typically expected features. There are a variety of aspect ratios to choose from when capturing images, including 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1 and 3:1 and aspect ratio.

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