Are ashley tisdale and zac efron dating 2016

by  |  13-Sep-2016 10:01

“But he loves super confident women and Taylor is the full package. Right now they’re just friends but it wouldn’t be hard for her to sweep him off his feet.” While our insider didn’t hint at exactly what Taylor, 26, plans to do to convince Zac, 28, that they should date, it sounds like her personality could simply make Zac fall for her.

There’s no denying that Taylor is one totally confident gal, and she’s pretty much the definition of alpha female.

She’s evidently felt a “strong connection” with Zac since they met while working together on report, and she’s already reached out to him to suggest that they should grab dinner sometime.

And despite the fact that Taylor’s not Zac’s type, he’s supposedly all for the idea!

Perhaps their pending meetup would be Taylor’s way of courting Zac?

Let’s think about the things she could do: Sing one of her love songs, write him a little ditty on the spot, show off her toned bod, dance like a fool him…the options are endless.

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