Are ali and jake dating

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She explained later she was trying to beat him to the punch, after his coldness to herself, her family, and her beloved dog made it clear their relationship was a sham and it was only a matter of time before he broke their break-up himself and she lost her chance at that sweet, sweet money.

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He described months of defending her to an America that "couldn't stand that I chose her." He supported her, loved her, and literally flew her (he's a pilot, remember) to Florida when she got homesick.

She acted like a spoiled child, interrupted him constantly, and emasculated him by questioning his driving directions.

Immediately following his stint on he went straight into filming Dancing With the Stars, where he lasted only 6 weeks even after dancing pant-less and making faces at a spoon to rally voters.

When he was voted off the show, he wept and called his dancing partner his "best friend." (Fame is the insecure person's meth.) Soon after, magazine.

Since these two dunderheads made their careers out of playing he said/she said in the tabloids, why shouldn't ABC get some of that action?

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