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This need to pick a side is only real in your head… If you decide you’re willing and able to drop this imaginary competition between us two… After a decade of multiplatinum sales, two Grammy awards, and the messy departure of band cofounder Ben Moody, Evanescence siren Amy Lee took a hiatus from her painfully earnest public existence to be a wife, learn the harp, and, perhaps counterintuitively, listen to M. “I love her voice because it’s weird, almost like she doesn’t care.” Lee, 29, does care, so much so that the admitted perfectionist needed five years to finish this October’s Evanescence (Wind-up). ” One of your biggest hits is “Call Me When You’re Sober.” Do you drink?? When I was young and we were first out there, there was more of that. I assigned that ringtone to my ex-boyfriend.” You have such a serious public persona. I don’t think it’s a misconception because the music is serious. “We’re actually high on the Christian charts, and I’m like, ‘What the fuck are we even doing there? ” Yes he did, and Christian stores promptly removed (which peaked at #3 in the Billboard charts) has sold more than 17 million copies worldwide and Evanescence won two Grammys, including Best New Band.

and today I in no way resemble the person I was when I was in Evanescence.

Sometimes you grow together and sometimes you grow apart.

“She’s so freaking powerful and awesome,” the singer-pianist gushes. You only want me because I’m not there.” I definitely get a lot of girls who are like, “That’s my song.

The New York City resident phoned from home before the video shoot for hair-blowingly grandiose lead single “What You Want” to discuss some personal misconceptions, Hot Topic, and Juggalos. Like, “Oh my God, I’m your biggest fan, I’ve loved Effervescence since I was ? When I’m posing for a photo shoot, I’m not going to be sticking my tongue out with my eyes crossed.

It was all “a misunderstanding,” as Evanescence singer/main force Amy Lee says of the band’s Christian identity of yesteryear. I guarantee that if the Christian bookstore owners listened to some of those songs, they wouldn’t sell the CD.” Moody went even further.

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