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development over its ten investigative installments, Hansen recalls, “The first investigation was very slick. And they set up a mini control room in like a little back room in the house.And they’re all huddled in there with the monitors.”a single desk in a hallway at the top of the staircase—to having an entire room set aside where we’ve got our Web cams up, and we’ve got our phone verifiers in position.For its part, (and is paid a fee for its services), setting up computer profiles and populating chat rooms with volunteers pretending to be underage teens interested in sex.

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But what rather nonchalantly points out, as it produces “the teacher, the oil man, [and] the ex-cop,” is that fear is not simply outside the home, but down the hallway.

These men are quite often (though not always) identified as family men, with wives and children.

What Age Verification Really Is: The Death of Online Anonymity We need to begin by understanding what age verification really is.

By definition, mandatory age verification represents an effort to make online anonymity a crime.

editorial board published a nasty piece today belittling My’s recent efforts to implement more safeguards for its users.

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