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Therefore, many businesses are creating apps to make life more convenient for their customers.

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The new trend of using Mobile devices to buy products or services online is here to stay.

The generation we live in is increasingly becoming controlled by technology.

Canada’s online sector is comparatively small, but is forecast to grow from US$17.14 bn [�10.57 bn] in 2015 to reach $22.96 bn [�14.16 bn] in 2016, an increase of 34.0%. Your existing or potential customers can browse and shop at their leisure wherever they are. Take advantage of this new and growing trend to reach online shoppers, increase sales and reach more customers, globally. They will come in without you having to answer the phone.

Source Your business needs an online sales channel First, your business must be online. Sell, even when you’re asleep This is more than ideal. In addition, using secure payment methods such as Pay Pal or widely used credit cards will also take away the stress.

Also, unless you’re tech savvy, you will have to pay a website developer to keep on top of things such as maintaining and managing your e Commerce site.

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