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Mitaka at first did not care for Isurugi, but became slightly jealous when he and Miyuki started dating, so she spread rumors and "faked" being sick to ruin Miyuki's relationship with Isurugi.

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The plot quickly turns into that of a love triangle when two of the pilots, Miyuki Haneda and Arisa Mitaka, fall in love with the surprised Isurugi.

This inflames their already-existing rivalry, which causes trouble for their co-operation in the air.

When he was younger, Konishi won a ramen-eating contest and was school-mates with Kouji.

Before becoming captain, Konishi was secretly in love with Saginomiya Sakura, however so was his best friend, Toshimitsu Tokaji and Sakura was in love with Tokaji.

Isurugi still cares for Mitaka however when she develops a fever, and eventually both girls fall in love with him.

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