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Says Garrison, “Trust me—this is a dealmaker.” [pagebreak] 9.

“If a woman is on top and grinding against the pelvis, it will hit that spot.

You can also apply pressure with the top of your teeth where it meets your gum, while also applying rhythmic stimulation with your tongue or a sex toy.” Thing is, she might not even realize how sensitive she is there—so it’s a surprise move that will [pagebreak] 3. Long-distance duos might already be all over this one, but couples in the same area code don’t normally think about using video chat to engage in a session of virtual sex.

However, Kerner recommends it—even if your'e already living under the same roof.

“There’s an element of voyeurism and exhibitionism that a lot of women fantasize about,” he explains.

“It's an unexpected sensation, as sucking on the clitoris and using your tongue from below feels different than when you're face down," says Levine.

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